Looking For A Decent Job!


The Marsol Yacht offers exciting employment opportunities around the world from technical positions at our bases, sales representatives, administrative, financial to crews for our luxury crewed yachts.

If you are passionate about the travel industry, yachting and are a self-starter please contact us to inquire about current job openings. The Marsol Yacht is an equal opportunity employer.


What do we look for ?

We are currently looking for an experienced consultants to join our team.  Applicants should possess high levels of enthusiasm, motivation and a drive to succeed.  They should be capable of managing themselves and their client base with a high degree of initiative, intelligence, consideration and care and they should be capable of presenting themselves and our company, in a highly professional manner.

Imagine your days full of work where you will meet people from all over the world, travel to exotic destinations, eat gourmet meals with a private chef and feel the breeze of the ocean air right in your office. Seems a little far fetched right?

Working as a crew member on a private yacht is all that and more. In our yacht crewing jobs section you’ll learn all about the types of jobs available: is it best to work on a charter yacht, for a yacht captain or on a luxury yacht?